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Aldex, family-owned company, has over 40 years of tradition in production and sale of lighting. Experience, advanced technological facilities and following latest trends are the strength of the brand.

Our philosophy is the timelessness of the luminaires we produce. Timelessness understood as a balance between what is classy and modern and what surrounds and influences us.

Aldex brand, using Polish-made glass and components from local suppliers, focuses on the production of functional luminaires and its own machinery allows freedom of design.

The slogan “Who makes craft becomes a craftsman” best reflects the owners’ focus on creating quality lamps with beautiful, simple design.

History of Aldex



In 2020, Ewa and Jakub Dyderscy decided to launch ARTERA – a premium brand within Aldex. Based on their parents’ experience, combining their love for light, passion and a fresh approach to running a business, they aim to create lighting understood not only as function but also as magic. Modern forms are born under the supervision of designers to be then entirely manufactured in the company’s own production facility using components from local suppliers.


Winning the Home Zone Project Grand Prize in 2018 was further recognition of the brand. The aim of the project is to promote high-quality solutions and services in the architecture, construction and renovation sector, as well as interior architecture and design. The jury is made up of leading Architects and Designers with an outstanding international reputation in the industry.


Rapidly growning business, entering new markets and gaining new national and international contractors, has not changed the owners’ approach to the people they work with. Employees have always come first and the right selection of craftsmen and sales team has always been fundamental and crucial at ALDEX.

In 2004, ALDEX was awarded the prestigious “Solid Company” certificate. Certificates of this type are given to companies whose activities are guided by values such as trustworthiness and social liability. It is a standard of economic information that helps customers choose reliable Polish subcontractors and manufacturers.


For many years ALDEX has been an exhibitor at the International Trade Fairs held in Poland: Light, Warsaw Home, Home Decor as well as abroad: Euroluce or Light&Building.

The company has also won the title of Business Fair Play (Przedsiębiorstwo Fair Play) and Solid Company (Solidna Firma).

A number of awards were proof and recognition of the exceptional design and quality that continue to be a strength of the brand.


1981 – a landmark year in the history of Poland – difficult for social reasons and equally difficult for the development of entrepreneurship. Despite the odds, in that year, Aleksander Dyderski, a graduate of the Faculty of Machine Building at Częstochowa University of Technology and former employee of the Chair of Metal Forming at the Faculty of Machine Building at Częstochowa University of Technology, head of quality control at the Scientific Aid Plant, starts – on the basis of his scientific experience and the Electro-Mechanical Plant he runs – production of luminaires by founding the PPHU ALDEX company.

This activity became his lifelong passion.

He ran the company for many years together with his wife Katarzuna, then jointly with his son Jakub and daughter-in-law Ewa, who manage the business in recent years. Over the years, ALDEX has become one of the most respected brands from the industry in the country and abroad. It is recognised as a synonym for Polish good quality.

Thank you for helping us grow


Family-owned lighting company. Experience, advanced technological facilities based on its own machinery, following modern trends – all this builds the strength of the brand.

The company is multi-award winner including Solid Company, Business Fair Play, Polish Success, Home Zone – quality and reliability.

Working with us Working with us

ARTERA is a part of the ALDEX offer dedicated to the enthusiasts of modern design. It is addressed both to retail customers who like smart, stylish and original solutions, as well as to designers, architects and investors, who we provide precise technical drawings and 3D models to.

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Our mission

Our company’s mission is to be flexible to customer needs. As a manufacturer, we can modify products in size or colour and have a wide range of possibilities to adapt our offer to specific requirements.

All of the products on offer come from our own production line. We use high-quality components that are sourced from local suppliers.

You can expect excellent service when working with us. Everything we do, we do for the love of light!


Solid Company


Business Fair Play


Polish Success


Home Zone - quality and reliability


The quality of Polish craftsmanship

Production plant is located in Częstochowa, Poland. This is where all the luminaires are manufactured.

We buy our glass from the Polish Glassworks; wooden elements come from local carpenters; we source wires, fittings and other components from nearby suppliers. And the packaging is only Polish cardboard.

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Everything is made in-house so if you want to modify any luminaire to suit your needs, please contact our Customer Service (contact tab) and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Many years of tradition and experience in production express our quality and attention to brand welfare.

See our new collection Strzałka
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